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How do I clone 11g oracle database in windows 7

How do I clone 11g oracle database in windows 7
11g oracle database clone to same/different server

Could any one send the steps to do so.

Thanks in advance.
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Praveen Kumar Chandrashekatr
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you can also check this doc for more info.......

if want to clone using RMAN you can check this doc...
You can use RMAN to clone a database

Cloning A Database On The Same Server / Using Rman Duplicate From Active Database
Certainly you can use RMAN also to clone a database to a different server...

Use RMAN to copy/clone a database
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I do not understand, why this question should be deleted without assigning points???

I have provided detailed links/resources with step by step descriptions of how to clone a database as requirded by the asker.

I think this is worth assigning points...

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I don't undersatnd why the points has been assign to one it should be splited between the user.
has I have also provided detailed links on how to clone a database