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How do I enable the integrated video card on my new pc

I recently bought an ASUS M4A785-M barebones. It came wiith an integrated vga port and an integrated DVI-D port. I also installed a PCI express Video card so I could have three monitors attached to the machine. Unfortunately when I installed the PCI express (NVIDIA Geforce 8400GS) , The computer doesn't install drivers for the integrated vga and DVI-D ports. Is there some kind of bios setting I need to make in order for the video cards to work together in the same machine. I have used three monitors on my machines for years and have never had a problem with them working. I suspect that with this new system that I bought, I need an additional setting. I dont know what that is. Please Help
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I don't know of a single computer that could use the onboard AND add-in video together.  Windows does not support this.
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In my experience, when an add-in video card is installed on a machine with a built-in video adapter, the BIOS either a) disables the built-in video adapter or b) disables the add-in video card.  Either adapter can be active, but not both.  Which video adapter is active depends on the BIOS setting "Initialize display first"
yeah that sums it up, you may need to buy another Video Card.


are you guys referring to Windows7, if so I will take your word for it, but as I said before I have configuree hundreds of machines to use both the integrated video cards and external cards (pci or pciexpress). So when you tell me that it is not possible in WinXP , then you absolutely wrong. Maybe Windows 7 is different. Thoughts???
Back in the day Windows XP allowed you to install and enable two different heterozygous display drivers simultaneously.  For example you could use an integrated nvidia chipset on a 17" SVGA monitor for example and use your ATI Radeon 5870 on your 24" HD display with DVI. However in Windows 7 I believe they have restricted you to homozygous driver models which means both cards must be using the same driver model. For example you could use an Nvidia 8400GT and a Nvidia 8800GT cause they both use the same Nvidia 8 series driver model. However this would not be possible with cross platform or different driver models/generations.
Have you tried to set integrated Video as first (BIOS advanced menu, Chipset, Onboard VGA port)?
Granted it was Windows 7 - and it may depend on the system - but it was Windows that gave me the finger when using both.  This is on several different models of Dell computers.
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I solved the issue myself.
I solved the issue myself