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IPhone looses contacts and e-mail once connection droppes to network

We have a SBS 2003 Server with a internal WIFI connection.  Staff Iphones connect to Microsoft Exchange using the Exchange feature within the iphone.  The phones do not keep a copy of the mail, contacts and calendar once connection is lost via the wireless access point and needs to switch to cellular phone provider.  I am not sure what causes this as we have networks running SBS 2008 with Exchange 2007 and this type of problems do not exist.
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Are you sure the iphone is correctly configured with an 'exchange server account' ?

Try to delete the account and recreate one.

Another idea (more vicious) :
If you have 2 exchange servers with the same login password (one for testing purpose, one on production), the iphone connects to the real server with the wifi but when it gets the cellular data connection, it may connect to the test server, wich is empty because it's just a test server...
You can try to connect to the owa from the wifi and from the 3g connection to see if you access the same server or not.
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the account has been deleted.  To give you an idea, if you disable the wireless connection all contacts and mail is missing.  It is like the device can only see the data if it is connected to the network.  There is only one server and it is a Small Business Server 2003 Pre.
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What address have used when configuring the account on the iPhone?
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It must be a software operating system issue on the device as a new device works 100% fine.