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Can I use a Partition with a bootable OS as a virtual machine?

I use a dual boot situation, but I was wondering if I can use one of the bottable partitions as a virtual machine in VMWare or any other (except HyperV as I want to run win server 2008 r2 as the virtual machine) virtualaztion software.
I downloaded VMWare and loaded it and have parused thier operation manual but can't really tell if this is an option.
I'm running win 7 64 and the Win Serv 2008 r2 is also 64 bit. I have 8 gigs of installed ram.
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There are converters that can convert the partition in to a VHD, other than this there is no way to do it.

Have a look at using:
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Sounds like two good options. thanks a lot.
Unfortunately it turns out I can't test them until tomorrow.
Will be back then.
thanks again
well I'm trying the VMware option first. The converter seemed to want an image, and was compatable with Acronisis, so I backed up the WinServer partition to a *.tib image.
But it didn't like it, said the "paramaters were incorrect."
It's now converting though an old *.vmc I used with windows virtual machine, or whatever it was called. That seems to be going fine.
I might try the backup in winserver and convert there.
But I think you guys answered my question. So I'll wait around a bit and see if you have any suggestions or comments. And then maybe post more of the problems I'm having now in a new question.
thanks again
When did you receive the incorrect parameter error?
Seconds after I located the *.tib image in the converter open file dialog.
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Here is a simple solution that creates ready to go virtual machine:
I have used it many times and it worked very well always.
Noxcho, thanks, got the Paragon, which seems to be the simplest.

Boot-It boot software may be messing up the partition picture in windows. Anyway WinSever 08r2 would not convert with the Paragon.

But the Win7 64, I was logged into, did convert. I couldn't start it though. I loaded VMServer, which may be the wrong product for a non-server virtual machine. ?

So I'll boot into the WinServer 08rs and try to convert the WinServer 08rs partition from there.

Bestway, I'm still studying what you're telling me. The VMserver program seems complex for someone new to servers, like me. But goal is to run WinServer2008 r2 in virtual mode, so I best figure it out.

Here is an article with a step by step that i have written regarding P2V Windows Servers.

This may help you.

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Of course, nothing if for free :)

Hmm.ok I best get up to speed on either the vmconverter or the one in ws2008.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

My recommendation is the vConverter Standalone, is free for that type of conversion.

thanks bestway, I think you're right. Your article regarding P2V Windows Servers seems to be excatly what I need to make this work. I just need a little time to study and impliment. thank you
bestway, wow, that article is just abit above my head I think.
I'm also having some bugs with the winserver 08 install, so I think I'll just re-install from disk, into VMWare Server.
Thanks for everyone's patience and sorry to be so swamped right now.
I'll hang around a day or so to see if anyone has thoughts on this latest plan, then spread points around. thanks so much to you all...

I think is a easy article and a step by step that easy to follow.

If you have any problems, or things that you cannot understand, just ask. We here to help.

Ok, bestway, I'll give it a try.
I'll get on it tonight...
So sorry to string this out but thanks for your patience.
Oh and by the way,
The article does seem very well laid out and precise. I didn't mean that. I just seems involved and complex, though well instructed.
I was just getting lazy... haha.
Though I do need to fix that problem with consoul error, I think.
Maybe I'll put that up here in a new quesion.
hey bestway,
I've been doing the prep work, and am still defragging hard drive with MyDefrag (very nice program, by the way, thank you). I've found and downloaded the P2 Scripts....

Defrag may go on for day - I have 5 installed disks.
But also have finnaly gotten a little free time to make this work. thanks for your patience.

No problem. Yes MyDefrag is a very good free product.

Some time defrag can take hours and hours. IT depends on the data and the "trash".

After the defrag the migrating will be faster.

Keep us updated.

ok - took a couple of days on defrag, will start conversion process in a few hours. thanks.
Hmm, got all prep done, etc., but now when I start the standalone converter and click on convert machine, I'm gettin a fatal error, that maybe there's a problem with my network, see attached screen shot.
Any thoughts? User generated image
Actually fixed the problem in previous post with an uninstall and reload. It then built, or converted, the active machine, but I didn't have a server to load it to?
So I've just installed vmserver on the drive that has winserver 2008 r2 which is what I want to run as a vertual drive.
you don't need a server to load it to.. once you  have the .vmx and virtual hard drives you can load them into vmware workstation or vware player

You need to convert into a VMware Virtual System. So you need to have as destination a VMware ESX(i), VMware Workstation, VMware Server.

Using vConverter Stanalone you need to convert this into a VMware Virtual System.

But if you convert into a VMware Workstation you dont need to have installed, only need to choose the destination folder.

Yes my confusion was the "destination" step.  I saw in your nots, beltway, to chose the ESX or vmserver but where are they?
I'm booted into the only server I can find. I do see the 2 vmadapters but could't figure how to load there.
Hmm I have vmserver installed and had ti uninstall player. The server though seems to be a webpage. ?
Ve3 sorry I typed that last message in a meeting, but hope it made sense. I understand what you're saying I think but it wants some server destination before it finishes the process of creating the virtual hard drive, it seems...
Well I was able to "play" some virtual machines with VMWare Player, which was a big step forward. But not actually what I want. I'm still curious about those destinations in the process of creating the virtual server drives.

Did not understand you question about destination.

Check my article for a convert physical machine.

This a step by step.

Hope this can help

Yes I've been following the article, but this is where I get lost, see the screen shot.

I'm going to go back through the article though, as I did peice some of it together from a simailar article, that seemed a little easier, that I found when searching for the p2v scripts:

They speak also of the ESX server.?

 User generated image

Still do not understand the question??

You need to migrate to a destination right? So where will you put that server? Into a ESX host? Or a VMware Workstation? If is a ESX(i) host you need to add the IP from that host, if is a Workstation choose the folder to hold the files from the VM that will be created from that conversion.

So what is your question?

Regarding the ITUDA site, yes he has a similar scripts(I have create my script with some ituda ideas). In my article is more detailed and have many different issues and corrections that we can encounter on a P2V. But many chapters of my article will not applicable into your problem. This is just for you to see the step by step.

Yes, you're getting at my question. I'm trying to create a winserver 2008 r2 vm. I don't know where to save it, or the destination. Or as you say "where will you put that server?"
I don't know where to put it. Should I have a server running somewhere? I do have a leased server running WinServer 2008 that handles my web pages, etc.

If it were a workstation or regular vm, then I know I' could save to a regular folder.
But the server vm seems to want the ip, as you say. But I don't really have a server opperation anywhere except for the WinServer I'm currently logged into (from my home desktop machine) when trying to create the virtual server.
Oncee created I want to open it in win7 (a dual boot os on my system) and run it there as a windows serverl. Whew I hope this makes sense...

Yes your article is very well done I think. I admire the detail, just as you say, some of I don't need, and is beyond my experinece. Its very precise and helpful. I"m just really green.
Maybe I'll try sending it to that remote server, actually. thanks.

For VMware Workstation and VMware Server, you need to convert this into a folder.

Then inside of this VMware System you need to choose to add into inventory a VM, then go to the folder and open the vmx file. This will put the VM into your VMware Workstation/Server

Aha- cool, that's what I was missing. I didn't think the vm server could convert into a folder. I will try that after work, thank you.
well we are prgressing. The process is attempting to create the vm, but I'm geting a machine that runs for just a minute or two then errors out.
This is error:
"FAILED: Unable to create a VSS snapshot of the source volume(s). Error code:
2147754754 (0x80042302)."
Seem to have created a vm from an Acronis Disk Image of my win7. This is progress. Is says it needs about 3 hours to create. Does this sound normal.
Using the same methods though, it would not create a vm from an Acronis Disk image of the winserver 2008.

It depends on the size of the disks, but yes it can take many hours to complete a migration.

Oh well, that got to 33% and failed, said that it couldn't connect with disk.
thanks for all the great help. I"m almost there but this thread has gotten so long, and I'm a littlte busy now to get it all working perfectly. Anythanks for the time and patience.