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Oracle XE: How to connect to the tables for the HR user.


I successfully installed and configured Oracle XE.  I can login under the "xe" SID and I see that there are many users, one of them being "HR" with the famous hr table that's used for training.  How can I connect to that table to stay in accordance with the training?

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Login as system user and execute following...

alter user HR account unlock;

alter user HR identified by 'HR';

connect HR/HR;
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I keep getting this type of error:

Error starting at line 2 in command:
alter user HR identified by 'HR'
Error report:
SQL Error: ORA-00988: missing or invalid password(s)
00988. 00000 -  "missing or invalid password(s)"
Connection created by CONNECT script command disconnected
I got it to work.  I changed the HR default tablespace to system.  From there I was able to set a password.  Then I was able to login as HR to access the database.
Sorry, it should be doublt quotes and not single quotes...

alter user HR identified by "HR" account unlock;

It is not recommended to change the default tablespace for such users to system tablespace.

System tablespace should be used only for the system objects.

Can you switch back to default tablespace and see if the double quoted string works?
This what I got from the script output:

alter user HR succeeded.
 alter user HR succeeded.
Connection created by CONNECT script command disconnected
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