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outlook express

for test purpose i configured my email address on my mail server on outlook express.
it downloadede my all emails to outlook express on server.
my desktop is having outlook 2007 and unfortunately my inbox is empty it did not keep the copy of my mails on my desktop,
so please help me to get all mails in my outlook inbox.

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I agree, the easiest option would be to export the content from Outlook Express back into the old Outlook profile.

You can also use this as an opportunity to make another backup of them just in case.
Next time, configure the e-mail account in the e-mail client to NOT delete messages on the server after retrieving them if you intend to re-download them into another e-mail client.  What you failed to mention is that you are using POP to access your mail account.  The default behavior of POP is to send RETR(ieve) and DELE(te) commands.  After retrieving e-mail(s), the e-mail client then deletes them from the server (because you now have a local copy).  

POP was not designed to as a permanent store for your old e-mails; however, you can typically alter the behavior of your e-mail client when using POP to omit the DELE command after RETRieving an e-mail.  In OE, in th eaccount you defined there, is an advanced option to "leave messages on server".  In addition, you can decide how long to leave them on the mail server (the client issues the DELE after N days of retrieving the e-mail) and if they get deleted on the server when you happen to delete them locally (do a permanent delete by deleting them from the Deleted Items folder).  Outlook has the same account options.

By defining a POP account that, by default, deletes items from the mail server after retrieving them, they won't be available anymore on the mail server.  If you intend on retrieving the same e-mails from the same mail server into multiple e-mail clients while using POP, you must configure those e-mail clients to "leave messages on server".
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