Looking for drivers forsound card with creative chipset ca0103 dbq

Gave an old dimesnion 8400 to my Dad last year, got a generic sound card which took a while to find driver for, now everytime i look for this driver, it brings up driver detective stuff i dont want, anyone any ideas on how best to get it, much appreciated
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Open the Device Manager, click Start then Run and enter devmgmt.msc
Right click on the device and select properties.
Then select the "Details" tab
Use Ctrl+c to copy the device instance ID string.
Then paste it (Ctrl+v) in your reply.
I will try to find your drivers for you.
Indie101Author Commented:

multimedia audio controller PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0006&SUBSYS_10031102&REV_00\4&10416D21&0&08F0

pci input device                     PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_7004&SUBSYS_10031102&REV_00\4&10416D21&0&09F0
OK,  Nice and easy.

Go download Drivermax from here:  (free)


Once downloaded, run it.  There are a few options but select one.  It will ask you to register (again its free)

Once you search, it will ID your Hardware then find the correct driver for it and also install.  :)

We use this at work for old and new PC's that need a reinstall and have to driver disks etc.

PS.  Dell also have a service tag on the back.  You can also go to dell's web site and insert the service tag which will give you all the drivers?  o here:

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Try this installation package, it should resolve both devices.

Don't select the big START DOWNLOAD, look below that and use the [Click here to Download]

Please post back with the results.
Indie101Author Commented:
Thing is its not the Dell onboard card, its a repackaged sound card with the chipset as given, so it wont work that way, will try drivermax, but installed driver genius 10 already and that didnt work

edbedb i tried that and it just says no sound card live card detected, it has been reseated etc so its definitely there, it took me ages last time to find a driver for it, thanks guys,
Sorry, I am pretty sure this is the one you need.

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Indie101Author Commented:
Great edbedb, is that just down as a patch between dell and creative, just wondering why it should work?
I assume that the Sound Card was originally in a Dell computer.
Indie101Author Commented:
It was a cheap one i bought in PC World, thanks anyway
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