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network connection from xp to windows 7

I have a networdk of three xp sp3 computers and have added a windows 7 home to the network.
The windows 7 can connect with all three machines and transfer files, but the XOP machines cant conenct with the windows 7, though it is visible on the netrwork. I get the error messageeight not have permission to use this resource etc"

I have tried to allow sharing on windows 7 but is still isn't working
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chk firewall is off
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I have Mcafee on one xp machine and on windows 7 machine. Both have trusted status and same password.Mcafee manages the firewall on both and they cant connect from xp to windows 7 but can the other way round.
The other machines have AVG and they can't connect with firewall off.
sorry homegroup only works with Windows 7 PC nnd will not talk to your XP computer.
you will need to change the networking system to one that XP can use.
I am not using home group, I am using work group. |i know home group is only for windows 7 computers. the are all in the same work group and all visible to each other. The connection works only from weindiows 7 to xp. the xp computers can see the windows 7 on the network in network plces, but can't connect
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I have tried all those option to know effect. ASl;l computers can see each other but the connection is only from windows 7 to XP. the other way I get the error messager "is not accessible. You might not have permission" etc. The network path was not found.  On the windows 7 machine if I click the "see full  map" I get the message that it cannot discover any devices.

I have a friend who had the exact situation that you have and this is what I did for him to resolve the issue.
  Make sure that the all the XP machines have the same workgroup name as the windows 7 conputer.
Make sure that the XP machines have the same password as the username you use on the windows 7 computer. Ones you make these changes, reboot all computers and all the computers will be able to talk to each other.
  All the PCs will be in the same workgroup and will be able to see each other in My Network Neighborhood. You can click on the PCs and see all files that you are sharing in them.
   Let me know if you need further help.

Easiest way to do the above method is what I had to do which is get a USB stick and use the Network setup wizard on XP to export it's settings to the USB you inserted it should make a network share setup on there. Just stick that into any windows machine you want that XP machine to be shared with it fixed this problem just that easily.
check the folder sharing  permissions assigned full control to everyone and also add everyone in  security tab thn check
The problem appears to be connected with the router and allocation of IP addresses cauising change to the network type to Public.
Many thanks for all your help