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z-index issue in IE7

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The issue is with #menu_bar_2 (4 food pictures in the upper left below the logo) vs #content (the big green box).  In FF and IE8, the pictures in #menu_bar_2 properly appear above the #content div.  In IE7, the #content div obscures them where they intersect.  I have tried playing with z-index on both elements to no avail.  How can I resolve this?
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Can you explain why that works?  Also, I'd really appreciate some links to info on stacking context, if you've got 'em.  I'm a firm believer in RTFM.  :) is a good place to go for info on css/html.. try this article on stacking context

This works in all browsers because it sets header and everything in it higher than its next sibling element whose z-index is just auto.