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How can I make this script play a file in my library?

I have this script and it plays a sound from my server.  I would like it o play a sound from my library instead.  I set the linkage on the the sound and then I modified the url request part to play the file in the library by the linkage name but I kept getting errors.  Can you show me how to play a file from the library instead.  
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The error is probably "Access Denied"??  Scripts on web pages are not normally allowed to access files on your computer.
you should download some flash tutorials which has audio in them it should be simple if its not playing in your browser sometime security settings prevent that
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If its in AS2 should not be the problem in AS3  maybe the code is wrong
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the file si snot on my local computer.  It is in the library of the flash file.  I forgot to put the code in the question


             function player6(event:MouseEvent){
                  // Wave clip
                  // Load sample MP3...
                  mp3Samples = new ByteArray();
                  mp3Sample = new Sound(new URLRequest(""));
                  mp3Sample.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loadHandler);
                  // Update screen every frame

Can you help me change this to play a file from my library with the linkage name of "soud55"
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