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Best SQL Server Version

I have recently migrated from sql server 2000 to 2008 express.  I need it primarily to support web sites.  I went with express because it was free however I now see that I can not copy data between servers and I can not schedule back-ups, two things I definitely need.  Given the fact that I have limited funds, can someone recommend a version that would meet my needs (developer, professional, enterprise,etc) and a source where I can get it at as affordable a rate as possible?

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Awesome.  Thank you very much!
I downloaded the  Vale software that you suggested but have not been successful getting it to do what I would like (user error I am sure).  Are you aware of any tutorials or examples of how to use it?  the company has not replied to my request for same.  Thanks~
Ok, then kindly let me know what you have tried and where you are exactly stuck up so that I can help you out accordingly..
i am not sure what tool to use....sql express agent configuration tool or job builder or both and how to get them to schedule and run jobs.  Do I need to create the jobs using a script and if so how do I get the program to run the script.  I may be an idiot but...  I have two days left on my trial and I need to know if I should buy it or not.
Ok, Here you go..

Hope you have downloaded expressagent.exe and during installation, you choose "Install Express Agent and Job Builder utility".

Click on SQL Express Agent Configuration and configure your SQL Server Express Instance.
Now Open Job Builder Utility and then connect to your SQL Express instance and create a new job.
You can add steps as we do in SSMS (for Non-express versions).

Kindly let me know if you need more help on this.
What do I enter here (see attachment)? User generated image
You need to provide/paste the script of what you are trying to schedule in the below box
I want to run this function:

sp_BackupDatabase 'master', 'F'
sp_BackupDatabase 'model', 'F'
sp_BackupDatabase 'msdb', 'F'

which relies on a stored procedure created here:

If backing up databases is your primary concern, then this can help you out:

but I can't get it to run appears to me that the stored procedure did not save in the stored procedure folder in my sql server....

It is trying to save it as a query under My Documents-Sql Serve Management-Projects
>> it appears to me that the stored procedure did not save in the stored procedure folder in my sql server...

You need to copy the stored procedure code into new query window and hit F5 or compile it so that the backup statements using that stored procedure can work..
That was what I was missing.  Thanks!!!
Glad to see you got it work.
Have you tried using Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the job..
Windows Task Scheduler looks a lot different in windows 2008 so I just decided to purchase the software from vale and use that utility to schedule it.
Ok, thanks for updating..
One more question please:

I have full backups running and scheduled with this software via the wizard.  What the wizard does not appear capable of is scheduling trans log backups for me.  I can handle that but I am not sure how to modify the full backup script so that it generates a trans log backup (beyond changing the extension).  If you could show me how to modify this script to do that I will leave you alone.  :)

DECLARE @file_name nvarchar(255)
DECLARE @backup_name sysname
DECLARE @backup_descr nvarchar(255)

-- build the filename for the backup
SELECT @file_name = N'c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\backup\eMath_' + DATENAME(weekday, getdate()) + N'.bak'
-- set name and description
SELECT @backup_name = N'Backup of eMath'
SELECT @backup_descr = N'Scheduled backup of database eMath'

-- perform the database backup
TO  DISK = @file_name

Either way, thank you very much for all of your help!
For taking Transactional Log Backup, the syntax would be

TO  DISK = @file_name

Just change '.bak' to '.trn' to differentiate complete backups vs Log backups.
Thanks a ton!!!!