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Sharing Applications

I have a PC with 1TB drive and 6G of Memory that we currently use to share common files and we have 1 application on this PC that needs to be shared as well.  Right now it is only 5 users who access this PC when we are in the office.

We would like to know what would be the best solution between the two:
  1.  A sharepoint portal?  if this is a good solution does this allow for the sharing of applications and do you have to have your own server for this option and how secure would this be?

  2.  Cisco 520 SA Security Appliance w/ wireless and access the PC via Cisco Anyconnect client?

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When you say that you want to share an application, what do you mean by that?

Are you saying that there is a web application on this machine that will be published via IIS/Apache?
Are you saying that the client workstations will run an application that needs to access files or a server-side application on the beefy PC/quasi-server?
Are you saying that you want the client workstations to connect to the beefy PC/quasi-server to run applications via Terminal Services/Remote Desktop?
Given a bit more information, I'll be happy to help.  Thanks!

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beefed up PC we use to share files only.  But there is (1) application installed on that PC that we would like to share it is an estimating program for construction.

we would like to access this PC remotely but securely.  

does this answer your questions.
Sharepoint won't help with this, and I'm not at all certain that the Security Appliance is needed either.  You state that only 5 in-office (zero remote) users need to access the application.  Why wouldn't you simply use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to the machine and run the application?
when we are away from the office or on travel, working from home, etc. remote desktop isn't secure and documents that are handled are confidential.

So, i am looking for a solutions to where any of the 5 users can access this PC remotely but secure.

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A document-sharing service will not allow you to share the estimation application, and SharePoint doesn't serve out Windows applications, so yes, that leaves you with the Cisco device and its VPN Client, which should actually work out very nicely.  In your original post, I did not see the requirement that you would be accessing the application from outside the network.

You would connect to the Cisco VPN to secure the connection, then RDP to the PC to share the application.  I actually don't foresee many performance issues with this either, unless the estimation application contains animation, video, or other rich media (doubtful).

Good Luck!
I'm not sure but from what I've read so far I think you're trying something that isn't possible for a couple of reasons.

You have this application installed on one PC that you want to share.  

Ok first question, why do you want to share a program that's installed on this one PC?  

It sounds as if you only have one licence and you want 5 people to use the program.  I would check your EULA (end user licence agreement), you will probably find that this type of working is not allowed.

What you should be looking for is a networked version of your application or a 5 user licence so that it can be installed on all your users PCs.

Now as for all your shared documents etc, yes SharePoint foundation will work with MS Office 2010 Professional.  You could set up your SharePoint Workspace's such that dcuments can be "traded" while local remote etc.  For more information of SharePoint Workspace see

Setting up a remote access service is also not that difficlut.  You could create a VPN which is secure and, if you are like us, you can use CISCO with something like a VASCO type device...for one shot security for remote access.