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XP desktop cannot find new network printer

I've added a new network printer to my network (HP OfficeJet Pro 8500) and my laptop has (with some difficulty) successfully recognized it.  The desktop, however, cannot find it.  I've looked at my services and found that "HP Network Devices Support" is stopped and set to manual start.  When I try to start it, I get:

Could not start the HP Network Services Support service on Local Computer.

Error 126: The specified module could not be found.

I have my XP Pro installation disk and there's no "repair" option.  I have tried installing the Optional Component "Other Network File and Print Services" and uninstalling and reinstalling "Networking Services" but this hasn't solved my Error 126 problem.

How do I fix this, and hopefully there's a way to do it without reinstalling XP?
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Dr. Klahn

I think the key phrase is "HP Network Services Support service".  This is not a standard part of XP; it is supplied by HP when the printer driver is loaded.  That being the case "The specified module could not be found" refers to a missing part of the HP printer driver package.

The first thing to try would be to remove the HP printer driver completely, then reinstall it.  If you're using a CD supplied with the HP printer, it would be prudent to go to the HP printer support web site and download the latest copy of the driver for the Pro 8500, then load that instead of the supplied version on the CD.
is this on 1 pc or all the pc's that you cant install the printer.
question: do you have this printer connected directly to the network?
if so, try turning your windows or antivirus firewall off, also if you have windows xp pro, make sure you have at least SP1 installed.

happy new year!! hope this help
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DeKlahn: My troubles started *during* the install of the HP disk supplied with the printer.  This same disk worked fine on the laptop, so I suspected XP had something missing.  I suppose that I could uninstall *all* the HP drivers and then reinstall them...

Wasimkasmani: My question mentions that it successfully worked on the laptop.  I must admit that I did have a similar difficulty, but that went away when I uninstalled the old HP OJ 7500 printer utilities.  I then reinstalled the 8500 disk and it worked.  The warnings were different on the laptop: the installation *found* the printer, but could not connect and specifically complained about the HP Network Devices Support service.  (Note, I mistyped "HP Network Services Support"... it should have read "HP Network Devices Support service").  This is what led me to look at what services were running, but the desktop install never mentioned why it could not find *any* network printers.

Marck911: The printer is connected directly to the network (the network is wired and wireless, but I happen to have connected this printer with a CAT5 cable).  It shouldn't be the firewall, because the network security should be the same on both the desktop and laptop and both are running Norton... I could compare them, to be sure, however.  The desktop is running SP3.

Johnb6767: I tried using the Add Printer wizard, but got stuck when asked to install printer software (in other words, the driver).  I browsed to D:\i386, but there are 15 different .inf files, and none of them look promising.  I'm attaching a screen capture of the \I386 dir.

Frankly, I'd much rather not even have that service installed.  The HP Network Devices Support service was taking up 99% of my CPU, which is why I changed it to manual several years ago.

So, unless Johnb6767 can help me find the right .inf file,  I think my next choice of action will be to uninstall all the HP software and then reinstall the software for the two printers still on my network (HP 6110 and the new HP 8500).  Right?

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Sorry, but I had the XP disk in the drive rather than the HP 8500 printer disk, so please ignore the screen capture on my last post.  When I switched to the HP disk and chose the root directory as the location of the printer software, everything worked.  Thanks!
Glad youre fixed....
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No, sorry... actually, there's still a problem with the installation.  Even though the printer now shows up in all the applications, when I try to print, the job Errors in the print queue.  I contacted HP and asked them.  All they could suggest was removing all HP printer drivers (recall that I had an HP 6110 driver installed also) and then reinstall the 8500 driver *before* reinstalling the 6110 driver.

I'll try that, but probably won't have time until the weekend.