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Read .edb database

How do i read from an .edb database (exchange). I want to pull out .pst files. Im programming a pop3 grabber. i want to download mails from a pop3 server and then submit them to a database edb.

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which exchange version are you using?
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Im using Exchange 2007.
If I understand what you want to do, this is usually done by instantiating an Outlook (ActiveX) automation object.  Through that variable, you should have access to the data.
No need to reinvent the wheel - exmerge is a fantastic tool that comes with Exchange. I've been an Exchange admin multiple times and exmerge has always saved my tail. It should handle all the importing and exporting of data between an Exchange store and a PST file.

The nice thing here is that it can be run in a batch mode via the command line, meaning that if you have specific needs, you can use PHP to set up the instructions for exmerge and then execute it from PHP with a shell_exec() call.

This article might give you a head start on how to get data from a PST file to an EDB (Exchange store):

Just to mention something - things aren't quite as simple as just putting them into an EDB file in order to put them into a store. Exchange has multiple moving parts, like streaming databases and transaction logs that all have to play a part in moving data around. It's not quite like another simpler database where all you need to know is the format.
Thanks for the answers. I know that just knowing the Database format is not enough. It is more for learning these kind of things. I know that there is many good software out there to do this. For example Ontrack PowerTools.

Im just interressted in learning more. I like to explore things. I could spend weeks trying to get this work just for fun.
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Okay thank you. You are right. It has to be script able.

I want to develop a serious application. Can you please recommend a book for Exchange programming C#. It has either be in Java or C#. But i prefer C#.

Thank you.

I don't know if there is one for C# and I don't know Java, so I couldn't make that type of recommendation. In my experience, a lot of the Exchange programming used to be done in C++, and I could recommend Thomas Rizzo's "Programming in Exchange" (or something like that) book for that. It might help with C# too, but you would have to adjust your code as needed.

I believe that MS is trying to push Exchange web services (EWS) as the primary way to interact with Exchange nowadays, so C# might be more compatible with doing things that way, but you may have better luck just googling around for that type of thing than buying a book. :)