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Drive letters have changed on broken mirrored drive in Windows 2003 server.

In windows 2003 server broken mirror has changed drive letters.
Was originally dual partitioned as drive C; & drive D: on physical drive0 but now shows
drive C: & drive G: on that disk & drive F: & drive D: on physical  drive1.
Programs & data still point to the D: drive & function properly but I want to remove drive1 so that will
cease if I do that. Data has changed on the D: drive since breaking the mirror.
Can I copy drive D: from disk1 to G: on disk0 then reassign the second partition on drive0 to D: & 
then remove the physical drive1?
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That should work fine, but you may want to use a tool like xcopy to move the files so that you can keep the security permissions.   See -
If you do not need the data on f:, you can delete the volume and re-mirror d: to disk0, then break the mirror leaving d: on disk0 instead of disk1.

My apologies, I meant g: not f:.
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Use ntbackup instead of just (x)copiing files.
Break the mirror (if any), delete g and recreate mirror on d. (mirror dis1 to disk0)
Drive letters did not change. Win only assigned new letters to new (well, not realy) partitions.