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Can't update new shuffle with new songs.

I have new shuffle with the newest itunes on my WIN 7 machine. The very first time I loaded the software I added mp3 files to itunes and it synced perfectly Now I want to delete the songs from that same shuffle and add new ones. I deleted the old ones in itunes and appropriately added a new mp3 file to the library and to my playlist. It says it is syncing  but only for a short while but The old songs are still on the shuffle with no new mp3.s I have tried over and over but to no avail.

I am not impressed with any of the apple software products although the devices are awesome.

What gives???

Why after syncing the device, it  goes away in the software. I have to unplug the cable and reinsert to get it on itunes again.
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cebu1014, insert your ipod shuffle and format the file-system of your ipod shuffle, in case you dont know how to format a disk: , use fat32 file-system

after that safely remove your device, and re-insert it in the computer, in itunes you will have to restore the ipod. , on this page follow the trouble shooter, untill the restore part.

That should solve the problem. :)
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I know how to format a disk. I do not want to do that.

Reading the instructions in the manual it says select the device and you find summary tap to start manually configure your device and do a restore if needed. I do not get that menu when the device is selected it only gives the eject or will try to sync. I have itunes 10
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I reinstalled the software and I was able to view the configuration of the shuffle in main window. It synced and resulted in the songs I needed only.  Thanks

I installed 10.1.1