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Tdataset when edit

I have noticed that when i start editing any data in any TDB edit data aware componet, the TdbGrid that is connected to the Tdataset changes the "arrow" on the cursor to indicate that an edit is taking place. I guess this information comes from the Tdataset. I wish to find where this information comes from, but i cant find any member that holds this information. It is perhaps the OnDataChange event - but this event occurs also when the first query is executed, so if this is the only source - then i need to flush the "first" such event.
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To make it more clear what i want - it's to know when a user have started to edit any of the Tdbedit's connected to a dataset.
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You can always know the status of the operation taking place on any dataset by using its events at the Object Inspector.

For detecting when a user have started to edit any of the Tdbedit's connected to a dataset use the event "AfterEdit" and to detect when the editing is done use the event "AfterPost".

BTW the zone of this question is Delphi Programming.
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