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MS Access 2010 Package and Deployment

I want to package and deploy my MS Access 2010 application to over 500 users.  I have done a lot of reading and messing about trying to use the runtime and the supplied features but it's very frustrating.

My question is Is it worth persevering with this or should I give up and buy something like SageKey?

Thanks in advance.  
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I'm a fan of Sagekey as well, and would echo mx's opinion. The P&D Wizard in 2007/2010 is arguably better than earlier versions, but it is far from a robust, complete deployment package (and it was never really intended to be).

What sorts of troubles are you having? Sagekey can solve your DEPLOYMENT issues, but it can't solve issues that occur due to your app being run in the runtime (like missing references, unhandled errors, etc etc). If you're having troubles like that, then you need to resolve those before you make a decision re: Sagekey.
I believe the money you spend on Sagekey (or the like) be recouped tenfold if only for the reduction in heartache, especially with 500+ users!
Do the math, with 500 installs, that only a couple of dollars per install.

The bit I like the most is the ability to install an Access runtime alongside any version of Office. It just works. (Probably why MX states <especially if you plan to do frequent runtime installs>)

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Excellent.  Thank you very much.  It's good to have help from someone with experience.

I'm just about to put up another question about Registration software, if you have experience with that.

JVWC and LSM.  Thanks very much to you as well.  It's great confirmation.
Cheers & Good Luck.