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How to connect to my computer


I have a standard home networking: internet cable connect to my wireless router and all computer inside of this wifi. All theses computers are taking their IP from my router, I mean, who are providing access to internet and their IP is my router.

I have want to access from any computer outside my network and connect to internet access my ftp server.

Is there a way to do that?

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Yes, you can access your PCs from outside of your network through RDP - Remote Desktop. You will need to open the ports on your Router/Firewall and also make sure your PCs have Remote Desktop enabled.

The other option would Logmein which is free. You will not need to open any ports on your Router/Firewall. You can go to and create a free account and add the PCs to your account that you want to be able to access remotely.
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Thank you so much. But installing softwares I know a several solutions as well (NetMetting, RemoteDesktop, uTorrent).

According to my FTP server, it was suppose do that setting something regarding WAN in my router.

I do not want to install anything, because my ftp server does not support that.

I would like to access my FTP server only making some adjustements in my router configuration.  
For your FTP server, you can use Xlight FTP server, which is free:

You should install this software on the computer you are storing the files for FTP on.  Then assign the computer a manual IP address.

From then on it does get involved, but basically what you'll do is configure the Xlight with user accounts, passwords, access permissions and accessible folders.  Then go into your router and program port forwarding on ports 20 and 21 to the computer's IP address.  You might have to go into the computer's firewall and open these same ports or turn the firewall off completely.

Just try it one at a time, and if you're having trouble, post it here.
You would need to open port 21 on your Router/Firewall.
you can access your PC from out side by using team viewer software. no need to open ports.
you can use any remote desktop software i.e logme in, but Micorosoft RDP, remote destop is easy to use. here are steps.
1. configure you router Port forwarding. Forward port no 3389 to your FTP sever IP address (i.e.
2. Configure you internet PC to accept Remote Xp, right clik on my computer icon>properties>remote tab > Select the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box.
4. add user
5. find out your real/public ip address by going to this website
6. Go to remote ste. Try connecting to your server using this IP address u got in step5.

I think what he is saying is he already has an FTP server installed an wants to be able to access it from outside?

Have you check the FTP server is working internally on your network? Can you FTP to the machine from another one on the local network?

What Router are you using? Do you have a static or DHCP IP from you ISP?

Simon is right i think. is it correct Jr_barros_Jr???
in this case then you have to do followings.

1. check whether your FTP server is working internally or not. by ftp://servername
2. Open Port 21 on your router. forward it to to your server IP adderss. by the way which router are using. i can help you where exactly you can do this configuration.
3. check your ISP assigned ip by using
4. using this IP connect try connecting from remote site. like ftp://your-ip-in-step3/

If you have a static IP/Fix Ip from your isb then this ip would not change but if you havent bought it then remeber that you have to keep checking your ip time to time. Or, use Dyndns.

Simon is correct. I DO have a ftp server working very well. I do NOT want use any software to access my ftp server unless, of course, some ftp client, but a browser if good enough for that.

My router is 2701HG-G Gateway (from Bell Canada).

All my internal computers have dynamic IPs provides by DHCP server (router). It is not a problem, because this server never is off and the IP does not change so often. Even if it change, At least with 5 tries I know its internal IP.

My outside IP never changed in the last 5 months at least. Even if it will change it is not problem for me.
I solved by myself.
what have you done then?
We would like to know the alternative solution you did as all the possibles in your case are commneted by experts above.
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Thank you for the advice, but I only have a ftp server and nothing else.
Again, thanks for your care.