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My computer crashes during a virus scan. I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista Ultimate. I have 3 gb of RAM. I have G-Data Total Care Antivirus installed on my computer.

My computer crashes during a virus scan with G-Data Total Care 2011. I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista Ultimate. My computer has 3 GB of memory and has Intel Centrino Dual Core. Several weeks ago I was infected with the Malware Antispyware Soft. This rogue program kept insisting that my computer was infected with viruses and tried to get me to buy their solution. Ads kept popping up and I was redirected to porno sites. I managed to get rid of it using Malwarebytes Anti-malware. It did a brilliant job. However the malware crippled my Antivirus program that I had installed on my computer. That antivirus program was Trend Micro. I switched to G-Data total Care 2011. But for some reason or another every time that I do a virus scan or even sometimes when I am doing nothing the computer has started to crash. I have tried uninstalling my antivirus program using Revo-Uninstaller and re-installing it. I cannot seem to do a virus scan in safe mode. There seem to still be crashes. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Is there anyone who can solve this problem without re-installing my operating system?
You need to download and run an all-in-one antivirus scanner (program and code in one .exe) like dr. cureit

go to this page

and download one the weird name files, that is a mix of numbers and letter (8 characters) and ends in .exe (they do this so the viruses can't detect it by name)

Run it in enhanced mode and anything found after the scan let it remove.  After the fast scan let it do a full scan

Also, you may have a rootkit virus so you need to download and run this:
watch and see if any of your main windows files are infected, as you may need to get a clean copy of those infected files, sometimes or atapis.sys are infected so booting to safe mode just reloads the virus as windows uses these files

Finally, download ccleaner and cleanup your registry
this may allow you to reinstall your current antivirus

If you can't reinstall your current antivirus you may need to run an antivirus remover specific to your product, here they are:

I think your best bet would be to run a virus scan at boot by using a boot utility cd. Try Ultimate Boot CD 5.0.03 at: its completely free!
By reading above, we can see that jbond2010 didn't bother reading your post so...

Please describe the type of crash you are running into.  BSOD?  Reboot? Error message?

If it is happening in safe mode, it sure sounds like a hardware issue but I need these question answered to determine the next step.
The crashes happen only when I am running a virus scan. It is 99% stable otherwise. The computer freezes up and the virus scan stops. If I do not reboot the machine there is a Blue screen of death that happens. The error message that comes up is KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR. I cannot get the exact stop code since the error message disappears too fast. I have tried running sfc /scannow from the command prompt under administrator mode and the computer freezes up as well. Under safe mode the virus scan doesn't seem to run. I think that it might be a characteristic of G-Data Antivirus though. I can run a quick scan using Malwarebytes Anti-malware but when I try to run a full scan the computer seems to freeze up and crash as well. Under safe mode the computer freezes up when I run a full scan using Malwarebytes Antimalware. The hardware of my computer seems to be running pretty well however. Finally, I should add that G-Data Antivirus did run for a while pretty well. I did discover a trojan on my system which was removed by Malwarebytes Antimalware. It altered my google sidebar which has my weather gadgets and news gadgets. It was after this that G-Data Antivirus stopped running properly.
I have also tried disabling all the startup services using the command msconfig but still the same result occurs. The antivirus program used I don't think makes a difference judging from some of these results.
"The antivirus program used I don't think makes a difference judging from some of these result"

If you make assumptions like this you may never solve your problem.

Download and run the programs that I suggested above and see if it solves your problem.  It is possible that you have bad memory, but first try my suggestions and report back and we'll go from there.
You can always pull out your hard drive, hook it up to a pata/sata to usb adapter and "cross scan" it by connecting it to another computer and scanning the "e" drive (or whatever drive letter is assigned)
Tried to go to but the website appears to be down. I ran the Kaspersky application and no rootkits or viruses were found. I have already run CC Cleaner and cleaned out my registry. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my antivirus program 4 times and still the same result.
cureit site is up (at least for me).

You may be blocked from your virus.  Check your host file

Windows 7/Vista/XP         =       C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
Windows 2K       =       C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC

here is how to clean it
When you scan for viruses with your antivirus program, while scanning does it show it finds stuff before it crashes?

If so, stop the scan, clean reboot and scan further - it may finish.
Found the Dr. Web Cureit  site using a Google search. Will try running a virus scan using the program.
Before my antivirus scan completes there are no viruses found and then it freezes and crashes. I have also tried Avira antivirus scan. The same result.
Could be either memory, or the virus found is a core component in windows (like atapis.sys or ndis.sys) and when attempted to quarantine your machine bsod.  You may need to pull the drive and cross scan.
It does not sound like a hardware issue. What settings are you using to scan your pc? If you can not seem to find the virus. your best bet would be to do a fresh install of windows.
Well I tried to scan my computer using Dr. Web Cureit! but was unsuccessful. The computer shut down
and rebooted after about 1.5 hours. There were no viruses or malware found before the shutdown and reboot. It appears at least to me that some kind of file was modified as a result of the malware infection.
pull the drive and cross scan, or download a bootable CD (either Linux or [Admin Edit]) and see if you can then scan using an antivirus program for that OS on the bootable cd
If we could get the stop error information, that may help significantly.
Using a bootable CD from G-Data Antivirus I was able to scan my drive for viruses. Interestingly it stated that the following file was a virus: /mnt/E:/Windows/system32/lv-LV/slcc.dll.mui  When it got to this file the scan stopped pretty much. At the next file which was /mnt/E:/Windows/system32/lv-LV/SLCommDlg.dll.mui the scanning would not go any further. The time kept ticking but there was no further movement of scanning files on the computer.
If you boot off the cd that has it's own operating system it should be able to scan the C drive without issues unless of course the C drive is failing - which could totally explain why it is stopping with no further movement or your original computer reboots.  

The other cause could be failing memory, hence any os (bootable cd or windows on local hard drive) -freezes.  If you have two memory chips in the computer, I'd pull one and try the scan again.  If it freezes, replace the chip you pulled and try pulling the other and repeat.  If it completes most likely you have a bad memory chip.  If both stop, it could be both chips are bad (odds are slim, but it could be just that).
By the way the .mui is Multilingual User Interface,
This now certainly smells like a hardware error.
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OK, think it is time to close this and give points.
Why would you refund the points.

I offered the best advice and links to free software to solve the problem.  I also noted the user should cross scan the hard drive if the can't finish a scan in the box.  I happen to do this for a living and I use the advice that I offered here to successfully clean infected hard drives.

I should  the get the points.
Just because his hard drive was crashing, that didn't solve the virus issue on the hard drive. So, if someone asks how to clean a virus and we all offer advice and idea solutions and then the individual with the question said, I decided to get a new computer - which solved his virus problem would you refund the points?  How do you know that wasn't a ploy to not pay points for the correct solution?

I should get the points!