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Cannot dowload video by clicking "Download Now" tab in YouTube

When I click "Download Now" tab over a video clip in You Tube, I get error in Real Player's display page displaying "Navigation to web page was canceled."
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also Disable Zone Alarm via msconfig and reboot
Downloading videos -instead of watching them streaming- is not the way YouTube wants you to use their site. This is why they try to obstruct mainstream tools like Realplayer from doing so. Check this thread, for instance:

If you want to download, there are lots of standalone free tools to be found via Google, like these for instance:

Also, most alternative browsers (like Firefox, Opera and Chrome) offer lots of extensions that will download movies from YouTube.
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Get the Firefox Browser

Then install this addin:

You can then download pretty much anything you watch or hear

As they note:  The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.
This works also for audio and picture galleries
every solution will take streaming data from one site(youttube) to some another site where actual conversion takes place and the file get downloaded

whenever one uses youtute site flv (flash video ) is downloaded on one's harddisk in form of tmp files
and these files locked you can't copy or do anyother thing

once when you close the browser or tab this tmp files get automatically deleted
some how one should try to unlock these tmp and can play ( change file extension to flv )
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I'm sorry, but I need to protest about the way you closed this thread.

Although the comment by ocanada-techguy contains a lot of valuable info which I wholeheartedly agree to, it does not answer the question that was alluded to in your original post.

The original post describes a problem with downloading content from YouTube. This problem was explained and solved by me (ID:34459193) and asbaum (ID:34459218). The solution you chose instead tells you why Realplayer isn't a good mediaplayer to use, and doesn't even speak about downloading or YouTube.

As a user of Experts-Exchange you have a certain responsibility to make sure that correct solutions are selected so that the E-E database gets filled with valid and applicable case studies. You cannot simply select an answer because you like it, and disregard those that may be more adequate.
I was about to say torimar and asbaum deserve points, I agree.
Did you know you can mark multiple comments as assist and split points among them?
If you request attention to reopen you can then reclose more equitably.  Cheers HNY