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I have Microsoft Word 2007. How do I extract and save images from a document?

I have several Word documents (2007) that include images. I cannot find anything in the help that explains how I can extract the images and save them individually as image files. Is this possible?
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Muhammad Ahmad Imran
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Word documents containing embedded images can not be easily extracted. Attempts to copy and paste the images result in poor quality images or the document contains too many images to copy them individually.
To extract embedded images from a Word document save the document as a web page using the following steps:
1. On the File menu click Save as Web Page
2. In the Save As drop down select Web Page (*.htm; *.html)
Images will be extracted from the document and placed in the folder named <DocumentName>_files in the same location as the saved web page.

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Couple of different techniques may work:

1) select and copy the image into clipboard, and then pasting into your favorite image editor.  click on the image it should highlight a box, left click and select copy, then open ms paint (or some graphic program) and click paste

2) save that word 2007 document as an html page and that should extract the images into files which are referenced in the html document. Click on File>>Save As. Select “Web Page” in the “Save as Type” at the drop down list. Click on Save. then open the folder file you have saved to get the image.

3) can be tricky (make sure you have set a system restore point in case this gets messy) is to drag the image to your document while word is in a window. It will open a confirmation box that prompts you to save the image. Click on Yes.   A “Save As box” is displayed. Click the Save button. The image is now saved to your desktop. Another final box is shown that asks you to add the Active Desktop item to the desktop. Click on No.
in technique one, should have said "right click" (or reverse click)
just select the image in word and ctrl+C  
open paint or any photo editing softeare ( gimp ) etc
just paste save the format you want
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I have a situation where there are 5 or 6 images on a page and I'm looking for a way to save the images without having to go through a process on every single image. Does anything come to mind?
I tried the suggestion to save the Word document as an HTML document. It did produce a folder with all the images inside; however, the images which were between 100 kilobytes and 500 kilobytes, on the Word document Were only between 8 and 12 kilobytes within the folder ... way too small to use. Any suggestions on how to keep the existing size (or to increase it)
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Hi photoman11,

There really isn't a good way to extract the images from the document automatically. Exporting to HTML kind of works but the images undergo compression and come out lower quality.  What I tend to do is take screenshots and then crop out the images to retain the quality.

Otherwise, you are kind of out of luck on this one.
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What a great solution! Worked perfectly. Thank you so much.
One more reason to love OpenOffice.