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Google and Facebook Data centers network infrastructure

Hello All,
I want to know how the data centers of large websites like google and facebook
are connected to the internet, what type of connection they use?
what is the bandwidth of the internet connection? do they connect through ISP or have direct connection to internet backbone?...........etc

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Dave Baldwin
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The answer provide directions for the solution but not complete details from the expert experience or point of view
Thanks for the points.  A simpler answer is not available.  I tried to show you that large datacenters have many connections to multiple carriers which will have differing methods and bandwidths.  There hasn't been a single 'internet backbone' since the early 1990's.
Oh, I can directly answer one part.  They do not go thru an 'ISP'.  ISPs are businesses that connect many smaller businesses and organizations to the internet.  Google and Facebook are larger and require much more bandwidth than most ISPs so they have to contract for their own connections to carriers.