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Eudora won't send email, 535 error

I have run into an odd problem with Eudora 6.2 that has me stumped.  When trying to send e-mail outside of the domain, it won't send and gives an error of : 535 malformed input.  If I send it to myself or to anyone at the same domain, there is no problem.

The settings are pretty standard POP3 and SMTP stuff, but the outgoing port is set to 26.

I've considered using my ISP's SMTP server, but there are a number of issues with that.

I set up the same account on Outlook Express and on Thunderbird on the same computer and it works fine.  It is not my computer and the user really doesn't want to learn a different program.  I did try importing the mail into Thunderbird, but that didn't work well at all.

I set up Eudora on a different computer and it gives the same errors.

I upgraded to Eudora 7.1 with the same problem.

I have disabled the TrendMicro AV with no change.

Some relevant settings are:
Allow authentication
Secure sockets when sending: never

I enabled logging all bytes but don't see anything relevant there other than the similar error messages.

I'm sure of the login settings and password since I can use them in the other email clients successfully.

I've cleared all unsent messages from the Out folder, then tried again with no change.

Any constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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do you have any type of firewall installed.  port 26 is uncommon.  if you have firewall disable it temporarily to test and then work from there.
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I did try disabling the firewall, with no change.  

I've excluded the router from my troubleshooting as other email clients on the same computer can successfully send email through the same account.
Have you seen this thread.  I was hoping someone with eudora experience would hop in.
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Moved data to Thunderbird, was unable to resolve problem with Eudora.