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I can connect to RRAS throgh VPN but cann't ping server in Windows 7

Dear All,

  I have windows 2003 SBS server and RRAS configured on it I can connect to VPN but can not ping SBS server and also other machine on network.I am using windows 7 professional on client with VPN  with buit-in PPTP connection.Also I can connect with other windows 7 ultimate machine and windows XP and working fine.My SBS server having trendmicro security agent installed I believe that after iinstalling trend micro this problem started but my question is why other windows 7 and windowsXP can connect.Please give solution asap.
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Can you ping the server from another machine?  If not, Trend Micro may have turned off ping response as security measure.  That would not be unusual.
I would bet on both networks (your client and the SBS server) are using the same IP subnet addresses, as FPO already guessed.
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it is already unchecked remote default gateway and it is having diffrent subnet also I can ping server from another windows 7 laptop.
Does the other W7 laptop have Trend Micro installed, too?
Did you check the routing table while connected? Best to compare on both W7 machines.
Are both W7 machines getting the same RAS IP?
Check if the command route print does return any persistent route.
In http:#a34460186 you told us http:#a34459389 would not apply, but accepted that answer. Why?