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3 variable from excel to be put into mysql

I am  (well our webmaster is) trying to import a file from excel format with 3 variables into our class reservation system using mysql . Column A has ID number of class. Top row has list of  student usernames , and cells show how many times the students have taken the class. How do we enter this information into a Mysql programme ?
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Another tip: when saving Excel as CSV, it will save the date in each
column into a particular format.

MySQL will like to see input data in a particular format. If the data is integer or
text, there there is little to worry about. If the data involves decimals, then you need
to make sure Excel saves it with the appropriate format to match the field definition
in MySQL. If the data is date, then MySQL likes to see it in YYYY-MM-DD mode
or something very much like that.
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I have already given two ways to achieve what the OP wants.

I agree with SID,

Question is open for little over month.

No comments from author since then.

I understand once a problem is solved, generally life move on to next challenge and he forgets to acknowledge.

If posted answers did not meet requirements, author should say so and may be post his solution for the benefit of EE Community.

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