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acer aspire AO531h Hdd password unknown

I am locked out of my acer aspire one ao531H due to unkown forgotten password,  Is there a master reset?  Is there a way to bypass or remove it?  What can I do to gain access and use my computer again?

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Is it a BIOS/Boot password or just the password for getting into Windows?

If BIOS then reset the BIOS according to the manufacture.

If Windows -
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The Bios and Hard drive both need reset.  I have looked for answers from acer and they say to return computer to factory to fix this problem.  I was trying to avoid having to do that and pay them $100 or so to unlock the computer.
Just to be clear, when you turn on the system, you are presented with a password prior to anything posting and WINDOWS loading? Yes?


Are you booting to the operating system and do not remember the password for Windows?
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There is no free solution to a HDD password recovery (bios can be done / unlocked free...more info. on that if requested), you can try many paid HDD password unlockers or just get it done quickly by Acer at $100 or so... You will need proof of you computers ownership.

Hope this helps.
When I turn the system on it goes imediately to harddisk Security.  Primary Master Hitachi  HTS545016B9ALock and then screen says:  Please input password for hitachi HTS545016B9A,?

After several wrong attempts it will go to a Select Item Screen:  Enter unlock password or System continue. When I select enter unlock password the screen says: Enter Unlock Passwork (Key:68010642}?    When I select system continue.  I get error message that tells me Check cable connection...! PXE-M0F: exiting PXE ROM.
No bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key.
i agree with michael -best
You can't remove the password, without knowing it !
modern laptops keep it in a security chip - for anti-theft reasons
resetting the bios does not help;  nor does removing the battery, since the password is not in there
you would need to know in what chip it is, and how to reset that
you have to turn it in to the manufacturer, and show proof of ownership - then they can help
or replace the mobo !
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or without either user or master password it remains unusable.

There is said to be a trick where a technician has two identical hard disks, one without a password, and the one that is locked, that they start off booting with the unprotected one, and then once they get past the startup routines and password stage they switch the platters portion on the fly while maintaining power to the drive circuitboards, very tricky stuff a la electrical engineer laboratory type stuff.
Thank you all for the information on you submitted for this question.  I have been without my acer for over a month trying to resolve this and have decided the thing to do is send it in to Acer and pay them the $99.00 to do what they do and get it fixed.

Thanks again!!!
then wy didn't i get some credit? and Michael best ?
Im sorry, didn't know what I was supposed to do
For the record there are free solutions, and it is not a chip on the mobo it is internal to the HD drive circuit and platter I/O subdata registers and subroutines, and if you don't know the user password there is a list of known master passwords used by the manufacturers that usually work with the free tools.

Despite these incorrect details, feel free to split some assisted answer points if you wish.
you can always ask a mod to reopen the question -  and reassign points - use request attention in the original post