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duplicated contacts in outlook

Dear All,

I’m synchronizing my contact between my mobile and my outlook 2010. I’m looking for a way to delete the duplicated contacts from outlook; I have around 2800 contact so it’s very difficult to do that manually.

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Looking at the quantity of entries involved the below steps are what I would suggest.

1) Export your Outlook 2010 Contacts to a Spreadsheet.

2) Take a backup of your Outlook contacts just in case.

3) Open the Spreadsheet and remove all duplicate entries.

4) Go back to Outlook and delete the entire contacts so that you see nil entires.

5) Import the completed / single entry spreadsheet to Outlook 2010 contacts. You now a fresh list of contacts with no duplicate entries.

6) Start the sync with your mobile and Outlook 2010.

Note: I couldn't provide detailed description for each of the steps above since it could only make things difficult reading through all of them.

However, please do let me know if you have difficulty in performing any of these steps, I'll be glad to help.