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Access OWA from outside (OWA redirection)

Dear Experts :

I can successfully redirect our internal users when they hit to  , now am trying to do the same  but this time from outside , so when users hit i want them automatically redirected to , i already published OWA,outlook anywhere and Active sync using  MS TMG 2010 .
Any Idea would be appreciated .
thanks in advance .
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Dear Demazter

See below error when i do so .

User generated image

OK, you have other entries in the rule also.  Remove all entries under PATHS and replace with just /*
Paths will not be the main factor here - If you have set the publishing rule correctly then the redirect from external should be automatic as it will be the same as the internal.
Are you using different names/headers for the site internally from that accessed when external?
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Hello Keith .

How the redirect should be the same from external and internal  !!!!

i use the same URL from internal and External , from internal i do the redirect manually  using IIS redirection , NOW from External i do publish \OWA, how the redirect should work automatically ?
thanks in advance

Did you try changing the paths as I suggested so that the only one that appears is /* ?
In your question you state that the internal url is and internally you have redirected this to therefore when you published the services through TMG and were asked for both the internal and external FQDNs to use then you would have put in the same for both  i.e.

The path would be /* (actually the default) because the redirection of the root FQDN - again according to your first post - has been undertaken internally and therefore TMG does not need to redirect also. As I mention earlier, paths should not be applicable in your case in respect to TMG.

The other publishing rules that will use use the same listener such as MS active-sync, OWA (if the user puts the /owa in the request directly) etc will not be affexted as the host-headers will take traffic directly to the right locations.

What fixed it? Was a bit surprised to get the accepted solution after Keith's comments?
As long as it is fixed, who cares who gets the accepted/points?
I was just curious to be honest!
I am here to learn from great experts like yourself too!