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Escape Multiple Special Characters through query string URL

Question: How to  escape  multiple special characters ( -  ,  '  ,  &  ,  **  ,  ( , ) ,   / ,  \ ,  * , % , @ , # ) including leading and trailing spaces using Java Script .

I want to handle this using a Java Script mentioned here under(for a drill through report using the "Go to URL" option, "Action" Property  provided by SSRS 2008). Could you please correct my code below for atleast one of the Parameters posted below.

*********Note:  Please let me know how to use the CustomeCode if any  in the report expression , it is very Important, this is required

Java Script(used in the Report) :

+"&Audit_Manager="+Join(Parameters!Audit_Manager.Value, "&Audit_Manager=")
+"&Month_And_Year="+ FORMAT(Fields!ACTISSUEDATE.Value,"MMM-yy")+"','ChildW','toolbar=yes,location=yes,directories=yes,status=yes,menubar=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'))"


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JavaScript encodeURI() Function

I'm a little confused about your statement, it looks like you might need to escape some of your single and double quotes.

i.e. when you have a double quote nested within a double quote, you need to write


instead of just


for the inside double quote. Likewise for nested single quotes.
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I am also confused. What does join do?

I would expect

to generate

Here is my suggestion
="javascript:var url='"+Format(Parameters!Start_Date.Value,"dd/MM/yyyy")
+"&Month_And_Year="+ FORMAT(Fields!ACTISSUEDATE.Value,"MMM-yy")

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Hi mplungjan:

"Join"  is very much required as the Parameters are Multi Value Parameters  and should be used in the report expression. The expression I have posted is working , but i need write the escape sequence for the special characters. So can you rewrite the code above(with Escape) by putting "Join" and   send across it to me.

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Hi mplungian:

    I have added the web refernce , added the Custom Function and used the function in the Report Expression using the keyword "Code" as you have mentioned above.
    I am almost there . It's working for most of the special Characters excluding  the  Apstrophe ( ' )  and Ampersand (& )

Could you please provide me  the custom code so that it works for  even  Apstrophe ( ' )  and Ampersand (& ) .

I will really appreciate your reply .

Kind Regards,

Try changing System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode to System.Uri.EscapeDataString
as reported here: Html and Uri String Encoding without System.Web
Hi mplungian:

 Thanks for the Immdiate reply.

    I have changed the code as per your guidelines and  added the below custom code .
    Do I have to remove the System.Web Refernce l ??.
    Secondly  the above link is in C# and the Custom code in SSRS can only be written in VB.  
   So,  Please correct the code below if it is wrong .

Public Function URLEncode (ByVal inURL As String) As String
Dim outURL As String
outURL = System.Uri.EscapeDataString(inURL).ToString
Return outURL
End Function


I have no experience with either SSRS or C#
however since the SSRS worked with System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode and that is accessible from C# I expected that System.Uri.EscapeDataString ALSO was accessible to SSRS

More information here