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Cannot access BIOS on HP510 Laptop

I am working on a HP510 Laptop.  Upon boot it requests F10 for ROM Based Setup.  When you press F10 it then requests a password which I do not have nor does the customer remember.  I have pulled the CMOS battery and all that that did is make things worse.  Now the date is showing as invalid.  I cannot figure out how to contact HP on this as it is a Business Class Machine.  Any ideas on how to resolve this?  The hard drive is bad and I need to replace it.
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Not sure what replacing the HD has to do with cmos. Other than the prompt you would expect with changing the HD size/type. And for that, you do not need to login. As for HP support: HP Support. You can email, call...etc. They are actually pretty good.
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The CMOS is asking for a password.  Most of my research shows to pull battery or Fn+F11.  Both did not clear the password to access CMOS.  The Message shows F10 for ROM based setup.  No other Function keys respond.  
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