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delphi 2010 / Windows 7 / very large icons (>64 pixels)

Hello Experts,
has anyone succeeded in using Vista/7 very large icons in Delphi?
I'm using D2010 and cannot convince Explorer to show icons larger than 64 pixels.
I used the *same* .ico file (which was created with IcoFX and contains several icons, from 16x16 to 256x256 at various color depths) in a test project created with Visual Studio, a minimal exe doing nothing at all, and Explorer is showing large icons correctly.
I tried many solutions, besides loading the ico in the project's options:
- add ico to project directly (project, right mouse, Add..., select type "Resources" then add ico file);
- add an .rc file that recalls the .ico
- enabled / disabled runtime themes
- rebuilt icon cache using this procedure:
Nothing seems to work. I'm afraid this is an Embarcadero linker limitation...

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Delphi stores the icon with the correct sizes. You can use XNResource Editor to verify that (Just open the .exe file and look at the MAINICON section).

When I change the folder view to large icons in Windows 7, it does show the icon properly
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this is what I see in XN resource editor if I open my Delphi exe.
 User generated image
Delphi has jammed my icon, as you can see.
If I try to open the other exe (the one compiled with Visual Studio), XN resource editor complains with the error message: "Pixel format not valid for icons or cursors".

Any idea?
I have trouble loading a 256x256 Icon

It may be that delphi has a maximum size that it can use as the program icon (I was able to use up to 64x64 with no problem)

(I also see that it shows width=0 and Height=0 which means it will just default to a "norma size" ie 16x16)
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Geert G
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Geert: awesome - I wonder how he did it, the guy must be a piece of a genius!
Fix Delphi bugs at runtime in memory... ha ha
many thanks for the tip --