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Finding consective absent dates

I thought that has solved my problem but i have problem with the start of new year.

(all the table and data is in comment posted <ID:34428390> of above question)

the function posted by nav was alright but today(Sunday 02 Jan 2011) the query is giving unexpected results

on 31-dec-2010 the query results
select sid
from (
select sid
from absent a
group by sid
where number_of_abdays(sid ) = 1

and with date 01 jan or 02 jan it gives

SQL> /


but it should show 32 and 363 only as no_study_days table showing no working days from 25 dec 2010 to 01-jan-2011.

SQL> select * from no_study_days;

---------- --------- --- ----------
         1 25-DEC-10 OFF OFF
         2 27-DEC-10 OFF
         3 28-DEC-10 OFF
         4 29-DEC-10 OFF
         5 30-DEC-10 OFF OFF
         6 31-DEC-10 OFF
         7 01-JAN-11 OFF

any idea what's wrong with this.

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Naveen Kumar
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will have a look at this but need to test this and get back to you
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OK, was waiting for you.

thanks for help
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Naveen Kumar
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ok that's good.

Could you explain how you check these on sql plus ( i see dbms_output.put_line in your code)

trying to understand the entire logic of code.

need your help though.

thanks in advance
that is just used for debugging to see what values are there in the arrays initially and after processing logic.

You can comment them even in the exception section and can be replaced to log/insert errors into log/debug table.

Did you test it to see if that works for you ?

thanks again
Good and thanks.