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Disable OWA for all users in a OU


Using Exchange 2007 sp3, server 2003 r2.

I have certain shared mailboxes like,,

These can be accessed by almost all users, they have full access permission.

But I would like to disable the ability to access these via OWA.

All these mailbox users are in a separate OU. Can I run a exchange shell script to disable owa on those mailboxes?

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Mark Damen
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In Exchange Management Console, double click on the mailbox and one of the tabs contains the options to restrict how that mailbox is accessed.

I think its called Mailbox Access, but can't be 100% without checking and I not infront of a console right now.
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How can I do this change on 50 mailboxes?

try this.

Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.dn -eq "youroudn"} | Set-CASMailbox -owaenabled:$false

in ADUC create a group say no-owa. and make these users member of this group.
on exchange server open IIS.
go into sites>default website owa> edit permissions.
add group no-owa into it. and deny read write permissions.
job done. :)
This is not the best way to do it though.
ok then here is quick one. select all u want effected and right click properties. and do as markusdamenous said.
hope this would help :)
Selecting all doesn't work. It wont let me see combines properties like AD.

Anyways PowerGUI did the trick.

use this comandlet

Get-CASMailbox -OrganizationalUnit "type OU path here"| Set-CASMailbox -OWAEnabled $false

u should write the ou as follow
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yes, powergui simulates this command
I am going to accept another solution.
This was the easiest solution for me.