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Bamboo Pen and Touch

I am trying to get my pen to work with word 2010 so that i can sign documents and then print them.  its attached its installed and when i am in the word document i see the pad that pops up and i sign my name but it doesn't display my signature the way i sign it on the document.  I am also unable to use this in Adobe as well

please advise?
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Jackie Man
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Which version of driver of Bamboo Pen and Touch do you use?

Remove the current driver and install the latest driver for Windows 7 as shown in the link below.

Instructions in Office 2007

    * Firstly, Open Word 2007 and then Click on Office button then go to Word options and select Customize.
    * Now choose Ink Tools Pens Tab by taping the arrow at Choose command from.
    * Finally, Add ink and pen icons by using Add button and once you have done click on save.

BTW make sure your drivers are up to date
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will test this out tonight ...thanks all
I have office 2010 and i downloaded the latest driver but the Pen still isn't working to where i can put my signature on a document.
none of these suggestions worked.
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ok i will try this and let you know.
Good  :P
@Merete:  no i dont have a dig sig thanks for the info.