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Exchange 2010 SP1 Mailbox Move Error


I'm in the process of upgrading to Exchange 2010 SP1 from 2003.
Most mailboxes have migrated successfully. On a couple, mailboxes have failed at 95% I get this error:
Error: MapiExceptionInvalidParameter: Unable to modify table. (hr=0x80070057, ec=-2147024809) (truncated, the error is much longer)
I've increased the badlimit during this transfer, but to no avail. Has anyone else encountered this?
I'm aware I can PST migrate as a workaround, but how can I fix this issue so I can avoid this in the future?


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you can run isinteg on the 2003 database to fix if the 2003 db, also make sure to use 99999 with acceptlargecorruption to accept large corruption items.
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thx busbar.

Yeah, i've ran isinteg before - and it did catch a couple of things, but i'm still getting the error.
acceptlargecorruption? Are you talking about badlimit?
baditemlimit, but when you increase it you need to specify another switch to accept large corrupted items, cannot recall it.
Yea, the baditemlimit count doesn't even reach 2 on these mailboxes. It stops at 95% with 1 bad item, and the error stated above.
did you try to increase it.
Yes, to 10.
make it 9999
Ok, I'll do that now. How will this impact the user's mailbox once migrated if it is successful?
Didn't work at 9999
Have you tried top apply SP1 RU2?  There were many fixes put in place to do with invalid ANSI types so it may be that RU2 can resolve
Thanks for responding!

Already running
Anyone else have any idea? :)
So you already ran isinteg with the -test alltests which removed some errors and I assume you re-ran the process until there were no errors reported?
Yes, multiple runs.
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Yeah, I've googled to find out what the error meant and I found those same webpages.
Wonder if it's a bug?
I know it was a confirmed bug in RTM but not much mention of it thereafter so I assumed that it was addressed in RU2, hence my original suggestion.  I suppose one way to confirm is to check for rules on the offending mailbox and then start removing them and see what happens.  I know its a pain in the arse but....
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Hey Kris, glad to hear it was fixed and DOH!, I forgot to post that one back here but you did give me credit over on the MS forums where I posted it so thanks!

No prob, I'll give you credit here too because it's actually in that webpage you posted here also:

Ok great, thanks for the points and just glad that you have it resolved!

Have a great day!
You too, thanks again
A reference to MFCMapi was posted on the page by Lucid8.