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How can I test if my DVD-R is Region-Free?

I have a DVD-R with two folders:

How can I tell if the video is region free, or if it is for a specific region?
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Is this region-free?
[00000023] VMG Category, Regional Code mask              64                 [40] 
Region 1 Enabled.
Region 2 Enabled.
Region 3 Enabled.
Region 4 Enabled.
Region 5 Enabled.
Region 6 Enabled.
Region 7 Enabled.
Region 8 Enabled.

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Yes - here's the equivalent for Region 2

[00000022] 	VMG Category	0	[00]
[00000023] 	VMG Category, Regional Code mask	253	[fd]
   	  Region: 2 enabled.		
[00000024] 	VMG Category	0	[0000]

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You have all regions enabled on your version so it is region-free