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restoring sharepoint from backup doesnt work

We have a sharepoint 3.0 server that was on a DC - windows 2003.  We had some issues with the drive array and had to restore an older image of the os and files.  We had to remove from domain and dc promo back as a backup dc ... there were issues with sharepoint starting the databases, so after some searches - my next step was - I dcpromo the server to remove from the domain, and I uninstalled both sharepoint and windows internal database ... then I dcpromo'd back to the domain and reinstalled sharepoint 3.0 and ran the configuration wizard.  

Right now, I have the server back as a backup dc and sharepoint administration running.  So, when I try and restore the sharepoint full backup that I created before this whole mess started - it says it started, but nothing ever appears to be happening.  I've let it run for over an hour ... I am not sure what it is doing or what I am doing wrong?

How do I get my backup restored so my site is back and running.
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i'd recommend that you enable sharepoint logging, and review it to see what's going on.  at a minimum, check Event Viewer to see if any errors are being recorded there.

also, your current wss 3.0 install needs to be the same patch level & service pack as the original.  and you need any custom features re-installed.

If none of the above helps,
You might check what accounts were used for install, and SQL permissions, and app pool accounts.

Make sure you are running the restore as a Farm Admin, I have always done it "on" the server as the service account.