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Redirection of my documents

Hi Experts

We have recently transferred our company to a new local domain (external remains the same)
we found a tool (Profwiz) that can transfer a user profile from the old domain to the new domain, with the same user profile settings (wallpaper, network drive mapping, etc..)
the thing now is  that the my documents redirection to the new server is done manually GPO just won't work,
another issue is that now even i configure manually that pc don't go to sleep ,it's going to sleep.

is there a way to remove the old server and domain registry carefully and safely ?
and is there a connection between the two phenomenon's ?

thenks in advensed.
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Sight unseen, I'd think they may be; do these symptoms appear only on one system or multiples? Do they have any GPO errors listed in the event logs?
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Hi Midnightone

the symptoms appear on multiplies workstations.
and they don't have any errors in the event log.
I would suggest running an RSOP on one of the affected workstations.
There are possibly settings that have carried over from the old profile that are not being overwritten on the new domain.
Sorry for the late reply, what is RSOP ?

RSOP is Resultant Set Of Policy, and shows exactly what the end policy settings are for that specific machine and/or specific user, and exactly which policy is pushing the settings.
Any other ideas?
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