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3D Slider Graphic in Excel

I have an EE slider that was created for me some time ago that I've been working with it.  I need assistance improving this graphic.  The user should be able to add and  select up to 10 objectives (Series) and have the cells adjust to the selection (values) made by the 3 sliders.  Attached is the graphic.

Thank you in advance,

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EE Professionals,

I've produced a better example of what I'm trying to accomplish.  I have gone back and taken a graph that was done for me last year (by one of the best EE Pros); If you look at Sheet1 you will see what I'm trying to do; All activities should occur on Sheet1.   If you look at Sheet3, you will see the sliders I'm trying to place on Sheet1 and use to drive the numbers for each "Initiative" (x axis, y axis and ball size).  (The graph on Sheet 3 is irrelvant).  The two things I can't do is 1.) figure out how I control / identify which "initiative" the sliders will work on (one at a time) and 2.) I would like to control the color based on which quarter block the "ball" falls into.

Any possibilities?

Ok - this was fun.  I did away with the example sheet.

1.  Created a drop-down list using DATA VALIDATION for you to select the initiative of focus.  This causes initial values to be set on the sliders
2.  Created 3 sliders for you to change values default to 10 moves on page, or 1 move on increment, as your example.  This causes values in the table to be set as changes are made for a single initiative.
3.  Created a table of colors for HML combinations for X & Y values that you can fill with colors you like, based on where the bubbles land in the 2 x 2 chart.

Look at the macros in ThisWorkbook and Module1 for the associated code that goes with this
Also look at named ranges which are pretty sacred, for everything to work
Finally, the code uses offsets from named ranges, so keep your stuff grouped together as-is, or change the code accordingly:

  a.  the slider logic is all clustered together on the sheet.  You can probably move it around, but keep it together as a group, as I use offsets from named ranges to get to the table addresses that need updating.
  b.  also, keep the ball color table together, as the ball color address next to the initiative table depends on that.

Feel free to ask questions and hope this helps!

I'm not sure I uploaded the correct file or it appears to be corrupt when I try to pull it..

Here it is again.

Ok - that one messed up as well.  Appears there were some links to the example sheet which I cleaned up.

HERE's the file - sorry for the repeats.

I'll pull on this one to make sure all's ok.

Ok - figured out what the problem was.  Instead of clicking on the file, above and running it - click your right mouse on the filename and Save Target As - to your Desktop or whatever.   Apparently these scroll bars you have are "sticky" to the filename they were created in.  If you hotlink with the left mouse button to open the file, for some reason the links don't stick - but they do if you  do a rt click on the filename, save target as, and save where you like.

I tested and can open and the function is there.

All's well that ends well. and, sorry about all this hoopla over accessing the file I uploaded, lol - strange.


On the way to the AMTRAK station; I'm downloading and will take a look.  Expect something back later today.  Much thanks,


Took a look.  Very good work.  Needs some adjustements;

1.) Colors should represent upper right corner as Blue, lower left as red.
2.) units need to be in 100s not 10s
3.) The 3rd slider looks odd
4.) Can you fix it so that the legend is reflective to the text you put in as Initiative #? The colors in the legend do not reflect the position and we have numbers rather then text reflecting which balls are which initiatives.

Much Thanks,

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Great job!  You're right.  This was a hard one..... you tackled it.  Let me work with it and I'll ask a related question to make the slight changes.  Appreciate your efforts on this........ I always am amazed at the fantastic results from the talented people at EE.

Best regards,