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dealing variant string in C++

I am debugging a program using variant string.
I have a object pItem that has a member variable(m_vValue) which is a variant.  What I try to do is to assign a new string to this variable after I remove the previous string in the variable.
I am not sure what is the proper way to free the old string and reassign the new string into the variant variable.
      char *sval = (char *) "Hello";
      OLECHAR *sOleText;
      sOleText=new OLECHAR[strlen(sval)+1];
      // convert the char-string to OLECHAR-string
      mbstowcs(sOleText,sval,strlen(sval)+1); // +1 means: don't forget the terminating null character
      // if there is already a string in m_vValue free it first before assign new value
      if( V_BSTR( & pItem->m_vValue ) )
            SysFreeString( V_BSTR( & pItem->m_vValue ) );
       // after I free I get problem in next statement ( '&pItem->m_vvalue' )
       // from Visual Studio Watch Window, I have the following info
       // BSTR = 0xcdcdcdcd <Bad Ptr>      tagVARIANT *)
       // I want to free the content of m_vValue, but instead I free the location of m_vValue
      V_BSTR( & pItem->m_vValue ) = SysAllocString( sOleText );
                  delete sOleText;
       // any thought will greatly appreciated.

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p_Item belong to following Class

class A
       VARIANT m_vValue;
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Or, in your case using  aclass member:
#include <comutil.h>

class A
       _variant_t m_vValue; // never bother about allocations and assignment any more ;o)

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Unfortunately, that is not my code, I can not simply change it, it may have big impact on other codes that are here.
Thanks. I thought of another way to do what I need. Thanks for your response