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Exchange Public Folder Restore

IS it possible to restore an Exhange 2003 public folder to Exchange 2010?  I do not have the exchange 2k3 server up anymore and an overlooked email retention property deleted all of the emails in the public folder.
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I had the public folder info in exchange 2010 but it was mysteriously deleted.  I would suspect there is a retention property set incorrectly.  Can i recover the deleted items (about 7500 emails in the public folder) using PFDAVAdmin?  If not is there any other product?  Or do i have to rebuild my exchange 2003 server to restore the backup i have and then replicate/move them to the 2010 server PF?

Thanks in advance
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If the folders have been deleted then unless you have a backup you will not be able to recover them.  If you still have the storeanditsthecontentthat has been deleted then you cantry themethod here:

You can get the data out if the 2003 EDB using a 3rd party tool.  Ontrack is very expensive.  I use Kernel EDB, I don't leave home without it :)

you cannot restore .EDB  & .STM file as Exchange 2010 does not have .STM file.