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PHPSESSID cookie and "Remember Me"

I have implemented "Remember Me" functionality on my project. I have implemented custom session handling using session_set_save_handler, so I have access to all of those events if need be.

Do I need to renew the PHPSESSID cookie expiry time every time the session is opened?

If so, what is the best way to achieve this?
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Okay, I might have solved this.

- I am forcing renewal of "php session cookie" AND "secret key cookie" each time "session_start" is called IF "Remember Me" is noted under $_SESSION['__remember_me'].

- When user logs in, status of "Remember Me" check box is stored within session variable to assist with previous point.

- If "Remember Me" is not checked, session cookie should expire when web browser is closed.

What do you guys think of the following?
// After "session_start()"

// Renew lifetime of cookie.
if (isset($_SESSION['__remember_me']) && isset($_COOKIE[$this->_cookie_secretkey])) {
    $expire = time() + REMEMBER_ME_LIFETIME;
    setcookie($this->_php_name, $this->_php_id, $expire, '/');
    setcookie($this->_cookie_secretkey, $_COOKIE[$this->_cookie_secretkey], $expire, '/');

// When logging in:


// Update cookie, and prepare random key for client security.
// Note: Renewing the random key improves security.
$expire = ($remember === true) ? time() + REMEMBER_ME_LIFETIME : 0;
$key = System::random_string(31);
setcookie($this->_cookie_secretkey, $key, $expire, '/');

// Adjust lifetime of session cookie.
if ($remember === true) {
    if (isset($_COOKIE[$this->_php_name]))
        setcookie($this->_php_name, $this->_php_id, $expire, '/');
    $_SESSION['__remember_me'] = true;
else {
    // Remove remember me status.


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Thanks for the link, I am going to try and read through that in detail sometime today.
Hope it's helpful.  Please post back with any specific questions about it, ~Ray
Thanks Ray, that was an interesting read. I think that my implementation is along the right lines.

I  picked up on several bits which I think may improve what I have, like disabling the cookie from JavaScript access. I wasn't aware that you could do that.
Thanks for the points - it's a great question! ~Ray