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pinging an ip responds with an IPv6 address


If somebody can answer this question with the correct answer, they deserver a MEDAL!.

Why is my Remote Computer responding with an IPv6 address?

I am using one of those stupid AT&T U-Verse Residential Gateways, and somehow it is creating the following 'Connection':
Tunnel adapter 6T04 Adapter.
Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Physical Address: 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
DHCP Enabled: No
IPv6 Address: 2002:6395:d71c::6395:d71c
Default Gateway: 2002:c058:6301::c058:6301
DNS Server:

When I ping the Remote Computer from another computer on the network, I get the following response:
Pinging RemoteComputer.testdomain.local [2002:6395:d71c::6395:d71c] with 32 bytes of data
Reply from 2002:6395:d71c::6395:d71c: time=1ms
Reply from 2002:6395:d71c::6395:d71c: time<1ms
Reply from 2002:6395:d71c::6395:d71c: time<1ms
Reply from 2002:6395:d71c::6395:d71c: time<1ms

On the Remote Computer, there is also an "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection that has an IPv4 address:; why doesn't the ping reply come from this ip instead?

This AT&T Uverse RG is wreaking having with my understanding of TCP/IP; it is like AT&T instituted their own Standards, outside of RFCs.
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You don't mention what the OS is you are pinging from or pinging to, but begining with Vista and Win2k8, IPv6 is the default TCP/IP Protocol and the Responding IP is the IPv6 Equivilent of So it is just responding with it's default IP and protocol. I'm more surprised that ATT already has IPv6 support on their network.
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Thanks for the  info kdgoodknecht.
Here is y our answer:  Pinging from Win 7 Pro to Win 7 Pro.

Looks like Manage Engine Asset Explorer just does not recognize IPv6....

This has nothing to do with AT&T. It is solely related to the IPv4 addresses assigned to the Win 7 machines.
Clifford, does that answer your question?