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Problems installing software on MAC OSX 10.6.3

I'm trying to install a piece of software called "2x Client" ( so that I can connect to a 2x VirtualDesktopServer running on a windows machine.

When I try to install from the 2xClient.dmg I get this error:

"2x Client can't be installed on this disk. A newer version of this software already exists on this disk."

And yet, when I open FINDER and do a filename search on "2x" or "client" I find nothing that could possibly be this "new version of this software".

I am asking this question more as a MAC question than a 2x question.

I mean really, if the MAC says the software already exists, but then can't find it...???

I am a windows person not a mac person but I would dearly love to solve this problem.

I want to be able to connect to a piece of software running on a windows machine.

I have an iMac with an intel chip running 10.6.3.

Thanks in advance for any help or any insight or any ideas or even any thoughts anyone has on this extremely perplexing problem.

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Here, it installs fine in:
as: 2X Client

Are you sure it's not there?
PS: Maybe try to run the uninstaller first on the DMG, and then re-install.
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I definitely can't find it anywhere on the hard drive or in applications: search: 2x

I think I'm posting an image here that shows where I uninstall from.
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Searching the entire HD for "2x"
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This is the error.
I'm not sure what this means:

"try to run the uninstaller first on the DMG"

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I ran that "2x Client Uninstaller" from the spot you indicated... many times.

I'll check the Receipts.

that did it.  that /Library/Receipts

I installed my software and it's working.

Thanks much.
Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts

that did it