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VB.Net Calendar View

Hi experts, I am just looking for the best way to display items in a calendar view.

Basically here is the scenario, we have a bunch of items that need to start manufacturing on a certain day. There is no time associated with them. We just would like to create, view and print off a calendar with each Serial Number that is to be started, listed on its day.

I have looked at scheduling, but this is much more then we need. I am currenty thinking maybe even a report. However, if I could find something with Drag and Drop functionality (changing the date for tat part ) that would be better

Any recommendations would be great, I am at a loss now. I have downloaded demos of schedulers etc, and nothing yet.

Thank you

Using: VB.Net
Visual Studio 2008
SQL Server 2005 DB
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Bob Learned
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This is a pretty broad question, so what kind of specific help would you need?  Are you looking for native controls, open-source controls, full systems, ...?
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Sorry, to me it made sense. lol Lets see if I can clarify better:

I attached a picture of what I am trying to do. Basically:
- I would like to create a view like the image, for each month
- This view would be printable (8.5 x 11)
- the items for each day would be pulled from the DB based on Date ( no time )

That would be enough for now. However optionally I would like to make it so I can:
- drag and drop each "item" to a new day ( updating the DB item with the new day )

I am willing to purchase software or build from scratch. However I have looked at scheduling software, and downloaded demos, and they simply add appointments, and do alot more then I require

Whats frustrating is that this was a 2 hour job in HTML.

Thank you for your time to try and understand.  User generated image

You say "Whats frustrating is that this was a 2 hour job in HTML."

Which was the exact  reaction I had a couple of weeks ago, when I can across a similar problem! How can it be, a control for ASP.NET which works like a charm to NOT have a WinForms equivalent???

Anyways, since you are willing to spend a few bucks, I would recomend DotNetBar.

Starting at $264 per developer and royalty-free distribution, you get 56 controls, which are shown here:

Number 51 on this list is the CalendarView:

Good luck!
I was spending some time last night playing around with the Telerik RadCalendar for WinForms, to see if it would meet your criteria.
Any luck with Telerik. I am going to spend some time trying some solutions. I also have an idea on how to do it in the reporting software I am going to try!
I hadn't really worked with customizing the RadCalendar for WinForms in that specific way, but with some research, and a lot of playing with properties, I was able to get a reasonable facsimile...
That is great, thats what I will start on playing with this week. I actually am also tweaking the report viewer to try to accomplish the same! Did you have to do any base code customizations?
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This was almost exactly what I needed, I am still working with t to make it do what I need, thank you though a great start!
I thought that it was easier adding elements in the ElementRender event handler, so that I could have control over the cell contents, since I couldn't see any way to use the default elements...