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What is the proper way to use an AS term in a WHERE clause in mysql?

The following select works just fine:

SELECT `date` FROM `idx_date` WHERE `date` >= '2010-01-01' AND `date` <= '2010-12-13'

but the following generates an error "Unknown column 'd' in 'where clause'"

SELECT `date` AS `d` FROM `idx_date` WHERE `d` >= '2010-01-01' AND `d` <= '2010-12-13'

What is the proper way to use the alias in the select?

I often run into it in cases where I'm aliasing a COUNT() or DISTINCT()

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Loganathan Natarajan
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You may not use aliases in WHERE clause,

SELECT `date` AS `d` FROM `idx_date` WHERE `d` >= '2010-01-01' AND `d` <= '2010-12-13'  ...

Will not work as

 "aliases in where clause is not allowed"...
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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that's totally per Your consideration but as in where clause actually possible for casting purposes when You cast something "AS OF " SOME OTHER TYPE ,may only be available in last versions
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Thanks, that clarifies the confusion