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Web Page can't be displayed error in Citrix ver 5.0

Dear Experts

I have a problem with our Citrix Ver. 5 Server, every 10 days we can't get published applications Web Page " Web Page can't be disaplyed", I tried to reset the IIS , even we built a new Web Citrix Interface, the only solution to get the citrix back again is to restart the server. any ideas ?
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do you have sufficient citrix client access licenses? un closed citrix sessios will cause this issue.

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Yes we have , even we have more than we are using, the weird thing this happened frequently, some times the server worked for 2 weeks and this issue come up again ,  I tried to restart most of Citrix Services but didn't work. I have to restart the server.

I have noticed also this happened in the morning, not during working hours.

Thank you
Can you post any errors you might be seeing concerning IIS in event viewer.
For now the problem didn't happen, as soon as it happened I will do
No errors appeared, I can't see any error in all logs
In the WI management console run the "repair website" feature and see if the error happens again.
we tried repair  but got the same thing, even the site has been deleted and recreated

I found that alerts was disabled, so I enabled it again, now I can see the 235 errors :

" Session is in a down state " , is there a solution for this ?  


We found that IIS stopped working (Citrix is fine) !!! because even IIS default web page is not coming, we tried to restart IIS , reconfigure it and restart www service but nothing helped. only restarting  the server will get IIS online!!    any suggestions ??
Update, I faced this issue, after forcing for some users to be logged out from Citrix, I started to see web login page for Citrix, I suspected Number of users connected to IIS, but it is the default , which is a big number. any ideas ?
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Use the latest WI 5.4
Got the Same thing
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