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Stain real wood hardware floors

I purchased a home and the home has real wood hardware floors...the problem is that I'd like to restain the floor from an oak color to a mohagany like color, but how? Also, anyone ever done this themselves...I have no experience doing this and I wanted to weigh between doing it myself or having someone else take care of this for me.
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Restaining hardwood floors is done by sanding back the wood to reveal the raw timber, then a stain is applied and wiped/rubbed off.  Finally clear lacquer is usually added to seal the flooring to protect the timber and the stain finish.  This also makes the floor easier to clean, polish, etc.

Any imperfections revealed by the sanding (or marks made by uneven sanding) can cause unsightly marks when stained.  As such, and this depends on how handy you are and your attention to detail, I would personally look to pay someone to do the job for me, or if you want to have a go yourself, try a small room first (better yet, a walk-in-robe, study, pantry, etc, if you have one!)
Personally, I wouldn't apply the stain directly to the floor, but rather first apply a clear coat of something like a polyurathane, then add the appropriate tint to the polyurathane for the second and third coats.

The advantage of this is that if you decide that you don't like the color, it is much simpler the sand back a few coats of polyurathane than it is to sand back timber.

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I assume you are in the USA.

You can rent a floor sander at Home Depot or Lowe's to do the bulk of the sanding work.  I personally never did it myself, but did have a 45 year old friend who did her own floor in her whole house a few years back.

Either of the box stores above may run a free class on redoing wood floors. Call and check if they have a class on redoing floors on their schedule.
Believe me, if you have no experience in doing this, you'll want to pay a professional to have it done. I've done a lot of staining in my life (woodworking is my hobby) and I wouldn't dream of re-staining my hardwood floors. In fact, I've had it done twice by a professional and was extremely pleased with the results.
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i completely agree with aleghart,

his post is one for the database for sure, one key point that is important, be sure to have taped the plastic barriers 100% around, even the tiniest holes allow those tiny dust particles through..

it can be a huge job, did it at my mom's house once, took a few days, and only did a small hallway.. like 3ft X 15ft  and it was a lot of work
Yes aleghart's is great. Aleghart, consider making that an article!
^ good idea. Although that would require full disclosure of my bootprint whilst painting bucket into corner.    But I guess it's better to be forewarned than to fight through all the same mistakes yourself.
My very first floor sanding and restaing job was a 15,000 sq foot retail store. Talk about learning the hard way. Since then, I have done about six other floors. I don't have anything to add to aleghart's excellent advice other than to say DON'T DO IT.
You don't want to practice sanding on your own floor, and using a floor sander takes LOTS of practice. I strongly recommend purchasing a colored varnish such as Minwax Polyshades and applying several topcoat.s.
I would not recommend this if you were wanting to go from a dark floor to a light one, but going from light to dark is relatively easy by simply applying the stain and finish over the existing floor finish.