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future of VmWare certifications

Anyone know what the future of far as certifications.  I understand that Vmware is moving away from ESX, but I wanted to know what this means for their certifications?  I'm planning on taking the $4000 class in order to get VCP certified, but I'm afraid that as soon as I do and pass the exam, the VCP requirement for taking a paid class will be omitted.

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The shift from ESX to ESXi (VMware vSphere Hypervisor) is due to the security vulnerabilities associated with the Service console present in ESX.

As long as I can visualize, the VCAP and the VCDX certs would not be having any pre-requisites.

VCP is the foundation for the above mentioned certs and in my opinion, the quality of the cert is dependent on the training module. I don't think VMware would disable the pre-requisites for VCP-410 exam.
The Exams and rules for the attending the exam will stay and will cover the ESXi as piece of the vSphere package after vcp-410. The way to your certifications didn't and will not change with the new versions or switch from ESX / ESXi to ESXi / Free Hypervisor.

Like arunraju said the switch from ESX to ESXi is for security and bugfix reason only.
The ESX service console had to many bugsfixes and upgrades than its smallerfootprint brother.

So good luck on you exams on getting your VCP cert.
As the other guys mentioned I don't think you have any problem with VCP-410. I attached the blueprint for the exam may help more.
vmware courses and certs is not charged as it says ESX is paid and ESXi is free. When u want to use an hypervisor vmware says ESXi is free of cost,but when it comes to certification and course if u like to learn ESXi of future releases the cost of training may remain same (or) can give a discount price based on the term of the year.
-> the VCP requirement for taking a paid class will be omitted.
VCP requirement should and will be always base pre-requisites for
I forgot to add that VMware has stated that all future vSphere releases will only have ESXi and ESX would not be released
I have just attended a course. 90% of the course was based on ESXi.
You should understand that the VMware certified training course is in no way adequate preparation for your VCP exam.  The VCP was the most challenging exam I've taken in my IT career.  You must know many different aspects and intricate details of many different software tools.  You must understand networking, storage, protocols, hardware, operating systems, and the VMware specs including versions, limitations, maximum values, etc.  In short you need about 6 months of real experience using the tools daily to be prepared for the exam.  But once you pass the exam your cert should hold some value for several years, which gives you time to prepare for the VCAP or VCDX.

Go through the blueprint provided above.  Read every guide they offer.  Go through other study guides and take many practice exams.

Good luck!
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